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Md Saim
Jul 30, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
2. Part 2 If you accept my conclusion above, then in fact, what business email list needs to be discussed next is only the question of form, Axure or Word, which is more suitable for writing PRD? It seems that more and more people tend to use Axure, and there are also special ones called teaching people how to make a dynamic document, which looks very cool. But when there is a lot of requirement logic, if you want to write all the requirement descriptions into a "true" document, typesetting is a knowledge. Word documents, on the other hand, look old-fashioned, and often run into hundreds of pages, which can be overwhelming at first glance. Well, because it's about to be phased out, and every time the boss asks for a "total" document, it has to be used again. In fact, we all know that Axure and Word were not born to write product requirements documents at the beginning. Due to the limitations of their respective functional forms, it has been determined that they have advantages and disadvantages when writing PRDs. What Axure provides are individual canvases where you can place text and images wherever you want and connect them with wires. You can also make them interactive with these images. Word provides a continuous flow of content area, you can keep filling it with content, and the chapter headings will never be cluttered. Word also has more mature and powerful revision and markup functions than other software, which can record the changes of each revision. The difference in tools leads to the fact that the demand scenarios for the output of the two are also different. I personally drew an immature scale diagram to reflect the intuitive difference between them: Axure's PRD will still be more inclined to the product prototype function, and the requirement description function will have bottlenecks; Word's PRD requirement description function is very powerful, almost no The upper limit, but the display of prototypes is limited to pictures, which is not an order of magnitude compared to prototypes that can interact.
We all know that Axure and Word were not born to content media
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Md Saim

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